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COPE'19 Photography Rules

Please read through posted pages of rules; the Photography Rules on this page, the Event Rules, the Play Space Rules and the Pool Rules.

By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to these Rules.

After reading these rules, if you have further questions, please e-mail the event coordinators. If you have questions about the Rules during the event - please see the Manager on Duty (MOD), a Play Space Monitor and/or any AIS Staff member (with a pink badge).

Cellular Phones/Cameras - Confidentiality is imperative and allows for AIS events to be safe spaces for people who are seeking their bliss.

No device capable of taking pictures, photographs, and/or audio or video recordings is permitted in the event space at any time. Such devices include cell/mobile phones, digital or film cameras, camcorders, "nanny cams" or disguised recording devices, and any and all other equipment or device that is capable of capturing, streaming, or recording images or sound.

If a phone is required to be carried into event space due to potentially emergent situations, it should be completely concealed (in an opaque pocket, purse, bag, etc.) and set to vibrate. Any camera lens on said phone shall be covered with blue masking tape, which will be provided at registration and/or by event staff. If you need to make or answer a call, please use device - for communication only - completely outside any event spaces.

"Event space" is defined as playspaces, classrooms, vendor spaces, social areas, bathrooms, registration, and other spaces designated by the event staff.

Cell phone use is permissible in your hotel room, the venue's parking lot, the hotel lobby, and any other space explicitly designated by the event staff. Taking pictures and camera use is permissible in your hotel room, with caution to not reveal the name of the hotel (i.e. logos on pillows or marketing material in your room).

Any person seen with any such recording devices inside any event space may be immediately ejected from the premises without refund. You consent to the event staff searching the device's memory for images taken at the event within prohibited event spaces. You consent to the event staff deleting any images that depict images that breach confidentiality of attendees or the event space. If it is discovered after the event has concluded that you have broken this rule, the event staff, at their sole discretion, may prohibit your entry or attendance to future events.

This rule does not apply to Photography pre-approved by AIS, LLC Ownership.

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