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A sneak peek at WICKED'18 ... and something else...

It's getting closer! Can you smell it in the air? The Nights are longer - and the leaves are turning... You know what that means? That's right! Winter is coming... and with it? the AIS Winter Wickedness event!

And, this time, we are planning something HUGE! It's not just a new presenter line up. It's not just new vendors. It's not just all kinds of new and exciting classes. It's a Brand New Venue!

That's right! Since they will be tearing down our former venue - we had to find something bigger and better! And, we have found a fabulous new hotel! The good news? It comes with some amazing new options, including an enclosed patio area - that will be chocolate! (Attn Cigar & Ash Players... you know what that means!)

There are also all kinds of amenities within a very short distance. Restaurants, Shopping, and other Hotels! But... who would want to leave the Kink Mecca we have planned for you??!!

It's gonna be fantastic! This one is a full hotel takeover event. What does that mean for you? The entire event is a kink mecca... For the most part, you can wear whatever you want wherever you want!(1)* 95% of the hotel is chocolate! Haven't been to an AIS COPE or Wicked? Well - Chocolate refers to dress and behavior. In a chocolate space, it is all kinky space!

Plus there is so much more. There is an all new presenter line up, with all kinds of fun, exciting and informational classes about all the kinky things you've ever wanted! They will be bringing all kinds of fun, exciting and informational classes about all the kinky things you've ever wanted! Want a hint? Ok!

How about our Special Guest - We have been trying to get her for years - and finally, the stars have aligned. The author of "The Ethical Slut", "The New Bottoming Book" and "The New Topping Book", "Radical Ecstacy" and "When Someone You Love is Kinky" - that's right, it's: Nationally acclaimed author - Dossie Easton!

Here is a sneak peak at the presenter list -

Special Guest Dossie Easton – Nationally Acclaimed Author!

BeastD – Hojojutsu Practitioner & Future Large Fish Beater
Ella_Notte – Founder of RopeBiteRochester & RambleGRUE Wrangler
Courtney Jane – Enthusiastic & Passionate Educator
Lee_Lee – Photographer, Kinky Art Creator, Laughter
MagisterNodi & Jerith – Writer. Pervert. Shameless Hedonist. Owner of Jerith.
Mistress Jenn – Whip Maestro & Kink Educator
Mattaoh – Primal-Daddy-Sadist & Wit Enthusiast
Roughinamorato – Presenter, Educator, & Kinky Motherfucker
SophiaSky – Pervasively Persnickety & Playful Switch
-Xanthine- – Queer, Sadomasochistic Science Nerd & Sadistic Rope Top
And a couple more coming soon!

Still not sure? Well... Just think about it for a moment. It's a 2 day educational, play, and experiential event here in Columbus, Ohio. That means a full day of classes - with all kinds of class tracks - Rope Bondage, SM Skills, Sexuality, Relationships, Power Exchange, Roleplay and a misc track!

You can discover more information as we post it to the WW18 Attendees Group - or grab your tickets on the AIS Wicked Website - Ticket Page - tickets on sale now!

See ya at Wicked 18!
Barak, Sheba and the AIS Staff

Adventures in Sexuality