WICKED'19 Host Hotel Meal Plan

Don't wanna go out to eat? No worries! The Host Hotel has you covered! The host hotel has created a meal plan for your enjoyment, and has offered it for a discounted price for pre-sale. Pre-Sale Package Price - $55 (plus $4.02 eventbrite fee) per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity. Wanna buy it once you get there? The on-site meal package price increases to $65 - Plus tax AND gratutity.

Here is the menu (tentative & subject to change):

  • ► Hot Breakfast Buffet featuring Fresh Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast Meat, Breakfast Potatoes, Fruit, & Breakfast Pastries
  • ► Pasta Lunch Buffet with Garden Salad, Penne Pasta, Grilled Chicken, & Roasted Vegetables
  • ► Carved Prime Rib Dinner Buffet with Chef's House Made Sides; Served with Salad & Dessert
Please note - While meal tickets are purchased through the AIS WICKED Ticketing - the Host Hotel Meal Plan is a host hotel offering, for AIS attendees only. (AIS is just passing the entirety along to the venue)
On-site meal package price increases to $65 plus tax and gratuity. The host hotel will be offering individual meals for sale on site. Got questions (such as seasonings and/or gluten free options, etc) about the items available on the meal plan? We've asked the host hotel and they have answered... check out the list at the bottom of the page... here's the quick link -- >> Dietary Special Needs... Questions & Answers

Don't want to commit? No worries! You can come back to the EventBrite ticket page or the meal plan page, and get it later. But you say, my friends and I plan on eating out of the hotel saturday night? Or... I only want that wonderful Prime Rib Dinner? You got it! It might be a buck or two more per, but when you get to WICKED you can buy it per meal from the restaurant.

WICKED'19 Order Now or Order Later

If you didn't get your meal plan (and/or event t-shirt/hoodie) while initially registering for WICKED'19, you still have a chance to order! Just select what you want from the order form... you shouldn't have to fill out everything... just your name.

Hotel Food - Dietary Special Needs... Questions & Answers

  • Do the eggs contain any animal products like lard or bacon grease or chicken broth?
    ▸ The only animal product the eggs contain is chicken egg.
  • Are breakfast vegetables cooked in animal product?
    ▸ No.
  • Was any animal product used when cooking the pasta?
    ▸ The Pasta is not cooked in any animal product.
  • Do the pasta sauces contain animal product (like chicken or beef stock)?
    ▸ The pasta sauces do not contain any animal product.
Low Sodium
  • Are there any substitutes for the prepared eggs that would have reduced sodium?
    ▸ The Hotel puts hard boiled eggs on the breakfast buffet.
  • Is there a reduced sodium dressing available for the salad?
    ▸ The hotel does not offer low sodium dressings.
  • Does the seasonings on the grilled chicken and prime rib contain sodium?
    ▸ All seasoning is salt and pepper.
  • Do the cooked vegetables have added sodium?
    ▸ Cooked vegetables do not have added sodium.
  • Can a steamed vegetable portion be ordered?
    ▸ Yes, the hotel can provide steamed vegetables upon request.
Gluten Free or Ketogenic
  • What additives are in the prepared scrambled eggs? (for example; flour, sugar, starch, chives, milk powder, milk solids, etc. – assumption is that they come in large packages or are dehydrated & rehydrated)
    ▸ The Hotel uses real eggs for the scrambled eggs, and the scrambled eggs are made with sour cream.
  • Can the brand/supplier of the eggs be provided so convention attendees can look up the nutritional content?
    ▸ The eggs are sourced from Glenview Farms and delivered by US Foods.
  • Is the breakfast meat pork or turkey?
    ▸ Breakfast sausage and bacon are pork. The hotel has turkey sausage available upon request.
  • If the breakfast meats are sausages (and not bacon) are they patties or links, and do they have seasonings that contain sugar, soy, starch, wheat, corn, tree nut, or seed oils? Like the eggs, can the supplier/type be provided so people can look them up in the USDA database for nutritional information?
    ▸ The seasoning for the sausage is already in the product. The hotel Chef said that he could copy the label if needed.
  • Does the grilled chicken or prime rib seasoning contain sugar, soy, starch, wheat, corn, etc.?
    ▸ All seasoning is salt and pepper.
  • Same question in regards to any vegetable seasonings...
    ▸ All seasoning is salt and pepper.
  • What selection of vegetables makes up the 'vegetable blend'? (It makes a difference).
    ▸ At this time the hotel has not determined the vegetable offerings.
  • Are any of the sauces gluten free?
    ▸ ALL of the sauces are gluten free.
  • Can the gluten free sauces be ordered with no seasoning?
    ▸ Certainly.
  • Is there a gluten free pasta option?
    ▸ The hotel does have gluten free pasta, and it is available on request.
  • Are the croutons and dressing separate from the salads?
    ▸ On the buffet, the croutons and dressings are separate from the lettuce.
  • Does the hotel have real butter, or is it margarine?
    ▸ The hotel uses both real butter and margarine depending on the dish.

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