presenter BeastD

presenting: Physical Friction 1: Affection through Pummeling
presenting: Physical Friction 2: Now On All Fours

Sadomasochistic geeky top and all around nice asshole, Beast D loves helping people get more hands on with their play. In his time in the public scene he has managed to only offend 3 people and one small stuffed sheep, so he considers this mostly a success as the sheep was a pretty big asshat. He has been a board member for OhioSMART in Cleveland, Ohio for 2 years now and has helped implement many changes to help further protect the sanctity and security of his local community.

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Class Selections

Physical Friction 1: Affection through Pummeling
Come join BeastD and Mattaoh as they take a journey into rough love! What is it about the hands on approach that so captivates us? This class is intended to take the novice and bring them to the rough body play scene. By the end of the class you'll know how and where to hit, kick, and more importantly, to play safely but aggressively with your partner of choice.

Physical Friction 2: Now On All Fours
Continue your journey with BeastD and Mattaoh into rough love. An advancement on Physical Friction 1, this class will really get you down on your knees, and on-top of your partner. By the end of the class, you will be able to take your partner from standing, to the floor, and do so without sending anyone to the hospital. We will also explore combining elements from Physical Friction 1 & 2 to make a complete rough body play scene.

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