presenter Courtney Jane

presenting: Sensational Head Play: Hair Pulling & Face Slapping for Play
presenting: Getting What You Want: a Look into Energy Play

Courtney Jane (CJ) has been involved in the kink community for almost a decade, heavily involved in the Boston, San Francisco Bay area, and now Seattle scene. She is the founder and former organizer of KinkyCon, a NH based kink educational conference that has been ongoing since 2009. She has taught at Dark Odyssey events on both coasts, several PNW venues, NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket, and many others.CJ is passionate about connection, self awareness and energetic play. She enjoys kink psychology, organizing, energy play, rope, impact, kinky poker, and fisting!

FetLife profile: freespirit42

Class Selections

Sensational Head Play: Hair Pulling & Face Slapping for Play
When done correctly, hair pulling and face slapping can leave your eyes rolling in the back of your head. This class covers psychology, safety, technique, and many examples of how to bring your partner to their knees. A partner is not needed, but this will be an all-encompassing lecture, demo, and hands-on class. Come learn a few new ways to take your partners' breath away.

Getting What You Want: a Look into Energy Play
Everything we do in kink requires an energy exchange. Courtney Jane will demo and walk you through tips to enhancing the energy of your scene by paying closer attention to your surroundings. We'll practice intentional touch and help you connect more with your partner and yourself. While a partner is not needed, it is recommended given the intimate nature of the class.

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