presenter Ellen Lee

presenting: The Science of BDSM: What the BDSM Community Can Teach a Kinky World

Ellen Lee is a graduate student in the Social/Industrial-Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program at Northern Illinois University. She has been a core member of the Science of BDSM Research Team since 2011, conducting research on authority transfer relationships, the psychological and physiological effects of scenes and extreme rituals, and stereotypes of the kink community. She has presented workshops at the Southwest Leather Conference, the Master/slave Conference, the Power Exchange Summit, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Leather Levi Weekend, and Society of Janus. Her peer-reviewed academic work is published on the website.

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The Science of BDSM: What the BDSM Community Can Teach a Kinky World
According to a recent study, up to 62% of people fantasize about BDSM. Unfortunately, one of the most popular sources of information on BDSM—Fifty Shades of Grey—hardly provides a good example of an ethical top, a self-aware bottom, or a healthy BDSM relationship. In this workshop, I'll share our team's research investigating the stereotypes of BDSM practitioners and how these findings contrast those of our work exploring the norms of consent within the community. I will discuss recent scientific findings on BDSM including the benefits and challenges for individuals in Dominant/submissive relationships and the many functions the BDSM/Leather community serves for its members. Last, I'll present our lab's research on the effects of scenes and extreme rituals, including altered states of consciousness, bonding, and negative mood reduction.

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