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presenting: Bootblacking Basics
presenting: Fearless Scene Negotiations

ligatures is a masochist with a weakness for boots, suffering, leather, and violence. She is a RYT-200 yoga teacher and founder of Body Positive Yoga, specializing in making yoga asana accessible for all bodies. She seeks to make her local BDSM community in Richmond, Virginia, a safer and more welcoming place for all. Her classes are built around agency, consent, self-care, and meeting yourself right where you are today.

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Class Selections

Bootblacking Basics
We will discuss basic leather care techniques that work for boots, toys and garments, as well as a few other boot-related topics such as boot play, boot worship and bootblacking etiquette. Finally, we'll demonstrate how to care for both oil tan and high shine boots. There will be opportunities for questions - so if you have leather that you are unsure how to care for, bring it with you and we'll take a look!

Fearless Scene Negotiations
"Are ya kinky? Cool! So am I!" Now let's talk about what comes next. We'll talk about how to plan a scene, what questions to ask, safety concerns, how to keep negotiations sexy and fun, and most of all how to make sure you and your play partner are on the same page going into the scene. No surprises = no regrets and fun times for everyone! After discussion, class participants will role-play negotiations with other attendees (and who knows, maybe set a play date for later).

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