presenter Mistress Jenn

presenting: Adaptive Relationships: The Reality Behind the Fantasy
presenting: Touch Me: Connecting with Whip

Mistress Jenn's classes are known for being highly interactive, educational and fun. When attending, you will notice the passion, purpose and direction she brings to each class, supporting it with her technical ability and expertise. Mistress Jenn is known as a sophisticated, dominant, and intense player who believes in edge living 24/7. She served time as a 24/7 slave, later earning acceptance as an Owner and Head Mistress of Slave Home. In the Lifestyle, she has founded dungeons, clubs, munches and organizations. With over 15 years of experience, teaching hundreds of lifestyle classes, and hosting 300+ lifestyle events, Mistress Jenn brings her distinctive insights, practical experience and illuminating, personal anecdotes to every class she leads. Join us for a memorable time with one-on-one interaction.

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Class Selections

Adaptive Relationships: The Reality Behind the Fantasy
“The Story of O”, the “Grey” series, “The Marketplace”, the “Beauty” series, “Gor”.
We read these great stories but how can M/s and D/s relationships grow and prosper long-term in the real world? In this class, Mistress Jenn will share her household's experiences living in an M/s and D/s world while growing and adapting their relationships and definitions. This will be an interactive and open discussion, with opinions being shared freely on how to adapt lifestyle relationships to meet the realities of life.

Touch Me: Connecting with Whip
In this interactive class, Tops will connect with bottoms using blood knots, the fluff of the popper, the braid of the popper, and wrapping. Mistress Jenn will start with a brief whip scene to show different throws and styles. During the last half of the class, attendees will get hands-on experience. Please bring your own whip since very few whips will be available to lend. Come be a part of this enjoyable experience where bottoms and tops will get a chance to connect in new ways with their whips.

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