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presenting: Advanced Rough Body Play: Bastinado (The Feet)
presenting: Fundamentals of Cigar Play

Roughinamorato is a charmingly sadistic bastard who believes that kink should be fun. Disarmingly frenetic, his informal style and intelligent approach to kink have made him an international favorite.
Rough began teaching in the kink community in 2006, when his journey of self-discovery into kink and BDSM led him to want to share that joyful agony with others, through classes about rough body play, rope, connection, and sexual expression. He's taught at events across the world including NELA’s Fetish Flea, Dark Odyssey, Tryst, Ropecraft, The Gathering, Shibaricon, Thunder in the Mountains, Frolicon, The Floating World, Winter Wickedness, WestCoast Bound, Rope Camp, and countless others.In 2011 he started Rough Crowd, a monthly rough body play workshop in Chicago, from which has grown Rough Crowd Academy, a rough body play intensive weekend that's made appearances in cities worldwide from San Francisco to Boston, Toronto to Sydney. He also runs Rough Crowd Cigars, a monthly-ish social smoker.
You can find him on FetLife at, on Twitter @roughinamorato, or on the web at and lives in Chicago.

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Class Selections

Advanced Rough Body Play: Bastinado (The Feet)
Bastinado, the art of beating the foot. Incredibly potent, and traditionally practiced with a stick, whip, length of wire, rubber hose - anything painful, really. This is a rough body play class on Bastinado, so we're going to look at hitting their feet with... us. Skin-on-skin, body to body. Do you like the thought of your feet getting hit? Or hitting someone's feet? Or hate the thought? Or hate loving the thought? Then this class is for you.

Whether you're thinking bastinado, falanga, or falaka, foot torture has quite the history all over the globe. But international torture can be fun at home! We'll look at technique, restraint methods, and how to use some things you can find around the house to help you! You don't need fancy wooden stocks attached to your bed.

Fundamentals of Cigar Play
Smoke burns your eyes, you feel the hot ember nearing your skin, and you shudder at what might come next. You're sitting at your Top's feet, when they indicate a nice plump cigar ash on their boot… just foryou. People walk by and wonder if your hair is on fire (even though you know it's not). Nothing brings together so many possible elements: from high protocol to primal energy, power exchange to sensation play; so many choices await the cigar player. Come to this class to learn about cigar basics, cigar protocol, and many forms of cigar play, and see how they can be used as anything from casual play to intense scenes.

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