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presenting: How to Eroticize Anything
presenting: Feedback – It's not “Topping from the Bottom”

Sophia Sky identifies as a Shenaniganarian and uses she/her pronouns. She is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and is working to change the world’s ideas about sexuality, speaking at universities, conventions, and private groups around North America. Sophia believes that being sex positive means respecting the spectrum of sexual expression from asexual to omnisexual. She is a lover of art, sex, learning & starry skies.

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Class Selections

How to Eroticize Anything
What turns us on is ephemeral and changeable. So much about our sensual selves can be shaped by experiences and our will. Come explore a variety of techniques designed to heighten your ability to enjoy more or new activities, both kink and sexual. This class is ideal for people who want to be able to share or participate in a partner's favored activity. This class is not recommended for those wishing to eroticize a past trauma. Please bring an open mind and a willingness to engage in discussion and practical exercises. (This class is fully accessible.)

Feedback – It's not “Topping from the Bottom”
A class for the submissive and bottom partner in BDSM relationships and those that love them. Partner attendance is encouraged. Communication between partners is vital to the health of a relationship. It is often difficult to navigate discussions about sex, emotional landmines, or coping with different communication styles even without a power dynamic. Once a power differential is introduced and negotiated, you have an additional set of concerns to contend with. This class will focus on discovering communication styles and conventions that will reinforce your power exchange dynamics while still supporting healthy communication. Please come to class willing to participate in a discussion and verbal exercises.

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Adventures in Sexuality