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Want to Present or Vend at AIS Events? Read this!

Thank you for your interest in AIS Events!
We are always taking applications to vend and present at AIS Events. Each year, AIS Promotes multiple hotel takeover and other smaller Columbus Space based events. COPE is normally on one of the last weekends in July and Winter Wickedness on the first full weekend of February. This is the 12th year for larger AIS Events.

We do our best to choose presenters who are approachable, have real world credentials and expertise in their chosen areas of kink. This creates a healthy and well rounded experience for our Event Attendees. We also rotate presenters on a regular basis, to give our attendees fresh education and information to integrate into their play.
If you are interested in presenting at future AIS events, please forward a bio (170 words or less), a full class list, a list of some of your previous presenter bookings, your social media info, and a high resolution pic for the brochure (300dpi or greater .jpg or .tiff) to baraknsheba@gmail.com or Owner@adventuresinsexuality.org

We do our best to choose vendors to create a healthy and well rounded shopping experience for our Event Attendees. We also add and remove vendors on a regular and rotating basis, to give our attendees new products to enjoy.
If you would like to vend at AIS Events, send an email to baraknsheba@gmail.com or Owner@adventuresinsexuality.org. We will send you a vendor application. Please note that AIS holds many larger events per year. So if your company is not chosen for this event, we hold the application on file for future events.

Legal Caveat
If you are accepted, we will ask you to affirm and agree to the following:

  • (1) you seek and practice informed, affirmative consent in all sexual and kink-related activities;
  • (2) there are no pending allegations of consent violations against you; and
  • (3) you have not ever been criminally or civilly charged with any crime of violence including but not limited to assault, domestic violence, sexual imposition, rape, battery, manslaughter, or robbery.

In the event that AIS Management determines that allegations of non-consensual conduct have been made at any time prior to the execution of this Agreement or are subsequently made against you between execution of this Agreement and the conclusion of the Event, the Producers reserve the right to immediately terminate your attendance and presentation at the Event. Termination may occur at any time prior to or during the Event. AIS/Producers shall provide to you an itemized statement of costs advanced on your behalf at the time of termination or reasonably thereafter pursuant to this section. If the Producers terminate your attendance and presentation at the Event pursuant to the terms of this section, then you shall reimburse AIS/Producers within 30 days of request for any costs advanced on your behalf.

Adventures in Sexuality