WICKED Tee Shirts

WW 2018 Tee Shirts
We all know what a great time WW is gonna be, so why not grab something other than memories, or bruises that will fade in a couple weeks? Pick up the Official Wicked Event Tee, and keep that memento for much, much longer! These are really nice, quality T-shirts, available in black only, sizes sm-4XL. With the Wicked 2018 color logo emblazoned on the front, the design and color just POP !

As many know, doing the t-shirt design just right can take a little while. Frequently that means we don't get the design launched until December. But in the meantime, we have made it easier to get your shirt! You can grab 'em as you are getting your registration!

Don't wait, because just like WW tickets, these are only here for a short time! Prices are $16 for sizes small-large, and then add an extra buck for @X-Large and each additional X. You can order them up until Jan 21, 2018. They are available to the Event Attendees only, and won't be available for purchase at the event. Order a shirt and we'll get it to you during the registration process. Want yours? Get 'em through the link below!

It's a limited run, for a limited time - T-Shirts must be ordered by midnight on Jan 21, 2018. These are only available for Pre-Order to the Event Attendees, and won't be available for purchase at the event.

WICKED2018 T-Shirt View
note: this IS a web facsimile of the actual t-shirt image.... the design monkeys have come through once again!!!

WW 2018 Order Now or Order Later
If you didn't get your t-shirt and/or meal plan while initially registering for Wicked2018, you still have a chance to order them! Just select what you want from the order form... you shouldn't have to fill out everything... just your name.

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