WICKED'19 Tickets

The purchase of a ticket is your electronic signature that those registered for the event, have read and agree to act in accordance with the AIS Convention Event Rules, Play Space Rules, the Pool Rules, the Photography Rules, and the Refund Policy. We are very excited about this event, as we are bringing out the fun again! We look forward to hosting you at the event! Just a quick reminder - AIS Convention Tickets are non-transferable and there are no refunds after midnight Jan 13, 2019. Please see the Event FAQ page for further information.

*note: "Affiliate" registration is for persons who are members of their local, state or national Kink/BDSM/Leather organization - ie NLA, MasT, or a member of their local kink group, such as AIS. "AIS Members" are members of the AIS FetLife or Yahoo group, who have been to an event or meeting - ie; Meet N Greet, COPE, Wicked... etc.

Even though tickets are SOLD OUT you can add your name to the waiting list here through eventbrite, or drop the event organizers an email and ask to be added to the wait list.

...and remember, if you didn't get Tickets for WICKED2019...
COPE2019 is coming July 26 - 28, 2019.


It's TRUE! Event Volunteers can get an awesome PERK the next time around! If you 'tic' the eventbrite box to volunteer for WICKED'19, get selected for a WICKED'19 volunteer shift and work your shift... BOOM! you can get access to early volunteer registration to the AIS Scandal'19 or COPE'19 event.


When will I get my registration? Hotel info, Registration and Turn-around times...
We appreciate everyone's patience as we get all the information processed! With the huge influx of WICKED registrations and hotel room requests, it does take some time to coordinate all the hotel reservations and event registrations. Hence the 10 business days we ask (on the eventbrite letter) to get your WICKED'19 registration to you. Here is why:

With the huge influx of WICKED 2019 registrations and hotel room requests, it does take some time to coordinate all the hotel reservations and event registrations. Hence the 10 business days we ask (on the eventbrite letter) to get your registration to you.

We ask for 10 business days to turn around the info. (Sometimes; it may take even longer) Why does it take so long? Well... Let me 'splain - no - let me sum up. We take your discretion and safety seriously. Since we take the whole hotel, there can be no chance that anyone but our attendees are in the facility. The hotel will not accept reservations from anyone if their info hasn't first been sent from us.

The way the reservation system works for this hotel, and this particular event is this:
Once tickets are purchased, we generate a spreadsheet - placing all the people who have indicated they want a room onto said spreadsheet. That spreadsheet is then sent to the hotel front desk manager. The rooming manager inputs the information into their reservation system, and then sends back a .pdf with the attendee's individual reservation codes.

And even though we sent it to them a week ago? We just got it back! Think about it? Aside from the day to day hotel business? They have to go through over 200 names and assign each one an individual confirmation number. Then generate multiple reports in numeric and alphabetical order - and send it back to us!

From there, that information is individually merged (by hand - we can't use a mail merge) with remainder of event registration information - for each order - (individual, couple or group of people who have purchased together) Then it gets emailed it out to the primary attendee.

And, it takes about 15-20 hours straight for me and Sheba to compile and process the info. And between working our regular jobs, working on Space Stuff, prepping for all kinds of other stuff? Well... you get the idea...

You say you didn't request a room? Why does it take so long for yours also? We tend to process the registrations in batches... so we don't get brain freeze. And we just go down the list. It's easier and more systematic this way. We highlight the people who we have sent registrations to... And we prefer to go top to bottom straight through. Then we don't have to cherry pick, and go back and forth. It's just more efficient for us.

If you were able to request a room on your eventbrite order form? Don't worry- you will have until dec 15, 2018 to contact the hotel and provide them with your credit card information to secure the room. Rooms are assigned first come first served in the order event registrations are purchased. (When hotel rooms run out - we remove the option to reserve one, and put a host hotel waiting list option up)

So thank you for your patience, and know we are working hard to get them all out to you!

Make sense?

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