Adventures In Sexuality

AIS is the Central Ohio Based, Social and Educational Fun Group! We are here to bring support, excitement, interest, and a forum for those who have their interests in both open and honest relationships / polyamory and Kink / B.D.S.M. Furthermore, this is a group for those who express themselves in whatever "Kink" or manifestation they desire.

We are a continually growing group for people who have discovered a new avenue of Creative Sexual expression!

Therefore it is our desire to bring a link to the growing group of people involved in open relationships of the honest kind, with people in the B.D.S.M./Kink community. We invite all individuals, couples, triads, etc... whatever their sexual orientation, identification and inclination, who are open to the fact that all legal and consensual sexual expression is valid. This group is open to those who desire any type of mature, honest relationships, (closed or open) in which all persons impacted and involved (read spouses/lovers/partners etc..) are fully aware, informed and consensually part of the negotiations. We support the precepts of SSC -Safe, Sane and Consensual as well as RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

AIS aims to promote a safe environment for members and non-members to gather and interact in a relaxed setting. We intend to promote honesty, openness, happiness, goodwill, friendship and acceptance within Ohio, and Nationally; with a focus on persons involved in Leather, Fetish, BDSM or Sexual Alternative Lifestyle regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual preference." *

*AIS will not knowingly admit to membership any individual who has been convicted of a sexual crime and is a registered sex offender in any jurisdiction.


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